On the premises of the former swimming pool of the Bethanien monastery, which was closed ten years ago due to structural damage, we are planning something new for the existingstructure. The life story of Nicholas de Flüe and his wife Dorothee Wyss will be told in the form of an immersive projection.

Visitors will be plunged into a virtual reality. About thirty video projectors will project scenes from the lives of Nicolas and Dorothee onto the walls and floor of the swimming pool. Olivier Desvaux will paint eighty scenes completed by existing works from the Bruder Klaus museum. The result will be a multimedia show on an exceptional scale. This captivating combination of light art, colour, music and scent will be an unparalleled experience. It will plunge pilgrims, art lovers and the all the visitors into the world of 15th-century Unterwalden*.

*Unterwalden and Nidwalden formed a single canton in the 15th century.


Surrounded by mountains, the monastery of Bethanien overlooks Lake Sarnen. It is just a stone’s throw from Nicholas de Flüe’s hermitage and from his family home. 

The Dominican Sisters of Bethanien and the Chemin Neuf community lead their religious life here. The door of the monastery is wide open to those seeking a time of rest, silence and prayer, alone, as a couple or as a family, just as Brother Klaus used to offer his visitors.


The “Klaus and Dorothee” project complements a silent descent into the Ranft hermitage, amoving visit to the tomb of Brother Klaus in the Sachseln church, or a visit to the Brother Klaus museum. It is an enrichment for the whole region. More and more people will be touched by Nicolas and Dorothee’s message of peace.

We are looking forward to your support in making this project a success. Thank you!

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Your donation will support the valuable installation of the multimedia exhibition on the life and work of Niklaus von Flüe and Dorothee Wyss.


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